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Leeds ADHD Group

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Lot's going on at Leeds ADHD at the moment.

We've been having excellent meetings the last few months since we moved back to North Light Arts earlier this year.

Our online meeting had record attendance last month (despite technical issues) and I hope we have another grest meeting on 27th August.

Katie Joyce is now running the support group along with me and we're looking to add to that so that we can become a CIO (similar to a registered charity).

I'm really focussed on creating a space outside our Facebook group that creates as much of a thriving community for ADHDers. Our website is hosted by and built on WIX, and this somewhat shonky groups addon is OK, but I can see why people might not engage with regularly.

If you've not tried using the Spaces by WIX app, it's actually quite good and provides a similar experience to Facebook, meaning more people can connect with each other and get lots of conversations going.

  • Sadiyah Butt


    Welcome to Leeds ADHD. This is a new group set up in early 2...


    • 9 Oct Mon | 'Leeds ADHD Meeting at North Light Arts Centre'

    • 29 Oct Sun | 'Monthly Online Meeting'

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