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Hi everyone,

I came to the session this week and mentioned I could help create new ADHD content for MindWell (the go-to mental health source for people in Leeds). If you've not visited the website before, the address is I've started work on this now and have a working outline. This content would include information on what's happening with ADHD services in Leeds, pre and post-diagnostic support and signposting to local and national resources and peer support groups (like this one!) If you would like to be involved in creating this content (for example, sharing your needs/challenges with accessing services, feeding in ideas and resources, testing the content for usability, or sharing your experience of ADHD), I'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with me at

Thanks very much, Gem

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    Welcome to Leeds ADHD. This is a new group set up in early 2...


    • 9 Oct Mon | 'Leeds ADHD Meeting at North Light Arts Centre'

    • 29 Oct Sun | 'Monthly Online Meeting'

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